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Greek Coffee May Be Key To Long Life

The Social Experience:
Like many immigrants from the Mediterranean and Europe who came to America in the early 20th Century, George K. Callas hoped for a prosperous future. But he also felt an urgent need to maintain the traditions of the past. With ingenuity and hard work, Callas realized both these aspirations when he and his family began distributing small packages of Venizelos demitasse Coffee to newly-arrived immigrants at New York Harbor. By providing the comforting taste of home packaged under the familiar name of the great Greek statesmen, Eleftherios Venizelos, the Callas familyís coffee offered immigrants a way to solidify old world traditions on the shores of the new world.

As George K. Callas recognized nearly a century ago, for Mediterranean and European peoples, coffee is not just coffee. From heated political discussions, to light conversation amongst family and friends; from the intimate whispers shared between lovers, to the solitary breaks we all cherish from a work-a-day world, coffee is always on our tables. Through coffee we connect and reconnect, share ideas, laugh, love and experience all that is truly important to us as human beings. Thatís why Coffee is, was, and will continue to be our singular obsession.

Today the Callas family remains dedicated not only to the art and craft of coffee manufacturing, but to the quality social experience of coffee drinking. Manufactured in the U.S., and distributed and enjoyed throughout the world, Venizelos beans are painstakingly selected, carefully roasted, and stone-ground to perfection in the unique Demi-Tasse style. Like the history and relationships Venizelos coffee has helped to build and maintain throughout our many years, the process takes longer but the coffee is unmistakably richer and more memorable.

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