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Greek Coffee May Be Key To Long Life

Stacey Zapantas -Epiros, Greece

As the world becomes more dazed and confused, I find coffee to be the best means of relaxation. While coffee has been around for thousands of years, Venizelos Coffee has been a social asset for decades. After work, people in Greece would gather at their local café to immerse themselves in the local gossip and daily news. In this way, Venizelos is like a ‘welcome home’ for me since it evokes so many important memories. It reminds me of the culture that I left behind years ago when I moved to the United States, and the good times with friends that I continue to cherish. As a fine grade coffee with a full-bodied hearty taste I think it appeals to real coffee connoisseur who enjoys sipping with friends and family. When I put in a full day of work, I like to come home and make my double Demi-Tasse coffee and relax before I start the rest of the day with kids, homework, and all the other duties of a working mom.  

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